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Noble Beast Farms

Alpacas. Shepherds. Makers. In the heart of Prince Edward County.

Nadia Knarr Paul Bastiaanssen
14935 Loyalist ParkwayBloomfield, CAN-ON K0K 1G0

Alpacas. Shepherds. Makers.

Welcome to Noble Beast Farms! We are a quirky, creative, alpaca farm in the heart of Prince Edward County. We shepherd and care for a flock of 80+ funny and curious alpacas as well as a host of other heritage and rare-breed animals. When we are not tending to our herd, we are busy restoring our heritage barn and caring for our property’s unique County biodiversity.

We believe in advancing education in the alpaca community, sharing knowledge and supporting a network of local farms. This becomes even easier with technological advances, zoom, and video-conferencing.

We have a wide range of alpacas for sale from friendly personalities to show-ring winners. We have an exceptional range of genetics from Snowmass to Resolute, Tell Ledgers’ Catapult, to Peruvian Hemingway. Every animal has value in a herd whether it’s barn sweetie, elder teacher or stunning fibre producer.

If you are new to alpacas, we can guide you through the needed basics for farm set-up, feeding, veterinary care, breeding and births. Alpacas are herd animals and best in groups of 3 or more to reduce stress. Once you have 3 however, you will be charmed off your feet and want more (okay, maybe that’s just personal experience talking!!).

Our pricing is fair and transparent. We use a grid that ranks genetics, fibre traits, colour, conformation, health, breedability and personality. You should know exactly what you are paying for and why. You may also value some traits over others depending on your own farm plans.

Please contact us for information on your individual needs and we will send you a selection of animals. Registered animals range from low 1s to high thousands for prime breeding stock.

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We can arrange financing based on your individual needs.

Welcome to our farm!

We're glad that you found us on the web. Please take a look at our sales lists and enjoy learning more about our farm. We welcome your inquiries and questions!